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CryptoGadgets v2 - User manual

For any problem or enquiry, for help on the setup process or for other issues please contact us.


Power-up the device

When setting it up for the first time, and everytime it is not able to connect to an existing WiFi network, the device will start in “access-point/captive-portal" mode and it will broadcast the WiFi SSID “ToTheMoon”.


Connect your phone

Connect your phone/computer to the “ToTheMoon” WiFi network using the following password: 12345678


Access the setup interface

Your phone/computer should prompt you with a login/welcome page. If not you can simply browse to the following address: You should then be able to see and access the device setup interface.


Browse the available networks

On the menu click “Configure WiFi”. You should then be presented with a list of existing WiFi networks.


Connect the device to your WiFi

Click on your network SSID name, enter your passphrase and click “Apply”.



The device should start displaying the real-time price


Change currency pairs

After the first setup you may want to change your currency pair, adjust the number of decimal digits or change the display brightness. To do so simply browse to the address shown on the display during the booting process after the logo. Before doing so, please ensure to be connected to the same WiFi network.


Reset the device

If you want to do a factory reset, keep the upper button pressed (the one used for changing pairs) and reboot the device pressing the "Reboot" button.