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Referral Program

Earn some btc/sats through Lightining Network by simply sharing a link to this site

Start making money in three simple steps.

Create a wallet

Install a Lightning Network compatible wallet and generate your LNURL-address


Share a link to your audience and invite them to this site with your affiliate link.


10% in affiliate fees instantly for qualifying purchases.

How it works

Our referral program allows anyone to use an LNURL to automatically receive a 10% of the total for every purchase done on the following 24 hours.
When someone access this site with a valid LNURL-address on the ref param of the URL and purchase some devices (within 24 hours) the system automatically will send the 10% of the total in Bitcoin to the ref address indicated in the URL.
Here is and example of what a valid ref URL should look like:

No registration required

A true permissionless affiliate program


Install a LN wallet

Install a LNURL-address compatible wallet.
Wallet Of Satoshi could be a good starting point


Generate your LNURL address

Generate and save your LNURL receiving address. It should start with the string lnurl


Prapare your ref URL

Just add the param ref=your-LNURL-address to the URL of this site you want to share


Share the URL and start earning

Share the generated URL to your audience and automatically receive Bitcoins to your address for every purchase