User Manual

Your ticker is a stand-alone device. This means that you don’t need a PC  to get it running and that you can simply power it through the micro-usb port. Before doing so  you will need to connect it to your WiFi network by following these simple steps:

  • Power-up your device. When setting it up for the first time, and everytime it is not able to connect to an existing WiFi network, the device will start in “access-point/captive-portal" mode and it will broadcast the WiFi SSID “ToTheMoon”.

  • Connect your phone/computer to the “ToTheMoon” WiFi network using the following password: 12345678

  • Your phone/computer should prompt you with a login/welcome page. If not you can simply browse to the following address: You should then be able to see and access the device setup interface.

  • On the menu click “Configure new AP”. You should then be presented with a list of existing WiFi networks.

  • Click on your network SSID name, enter your passphrase and click “Apply”.

  • Enjoy :-)

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Setup video tutorial